Safety even in minimal space: The new EFA-SST® Efficient

This space-saving, springless high-speed spiral door is the perfect solution for cramped installation situations. The door is accreditated to DIN V ENV 1627 certified for Resistance Class 2 (RC2) and automatically becomes burglar-proof locked after each closing to ensure heightened security with minimal effort. Welcome the new EFA-SST® Efficient – the latest from the world market leaders in the EFAPROTECT Series.

For many companies, tight or restricted areas where industrial doors are needed can be a challenge. The technology required is often too tall or too wide to install the door within the given space. This is where the new EFA-SST® Efficient comes in. A highly insulating door leaf and a chain drive enable use in confined spaces, because of the slim line frames. The high-speed spiral door works without weight compensation via a chain drive and means minimal maintenance and costly down time. A catch in the gearbox serves as fail safe protection and the door can be installed for either internal or external use in areas of medium traffic e.g. hall closings, storage areas or garages.

“In addition to areas that are a central hub for logistical, or operational processes, our customers want to rely on the exceptional quality and safety that EFAFLEX delivers,” says Klaus Manlig, Training Manager Sales. “We are constantly redeveloping and refining our products in order to have the ideal solution for virtually every application and industry sector. This new door from the EFAPROTECT Series is an innovative product for restricted spaces that require additional safety features up to Resistance Class 2 (RC2). ”The EFA-SST® Efficient is designed for approximately. 150,000 load cycles per year and is capable of opening and closing at a speed of 0.5 m / s. Door widths from 600 to 4,000mm and heights from 1,100 to 5,130mm are available. With the WK2 certification, the EFA-SST® Efficient offers effective protection against burglars.

As with every door manufactured by EFAFLEX, this model is adapted to bespoke customer requirements including almost all lath variants that are available with the S Series